Penn State Centre Stage
The Pennsylvania State University
Spring 2016
Director: Emmy Frank
Costume Design: Alex Hagman
Lighting Design: Andrew Haag
Set Design: Dominique Coughlin
Sound Design: Michael Cooper
Photos: Alex Hagman
Hair is an anti-war musical set in New York City in 1968. 
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Jeanie at the Final Protest
Sheila Showing her "Protest Jacket"
Sheila wearing her "Protest Jacket"
The Teachers
The Teachers
Claude, Sheila, and Berger
The Be-In
Margaret Mead
Margaret Mead, Hiram, and Hubert
Margaret Mead Reveal
Berger and Claude
Hare Krishna
Berger Burning His Draft Card
Berger Burning His Draft Card
Woof Burning His Draft Card
The Tribe At The Draft Card Burning
The Supremes
Crissy and Hiram
Steve and Mary
Hiram Dancing During Acid Trip
Leatta Playing Scarlett O'Hara
Berger Playing George Washington
Claude Saying Goodbye
Shelia at the Final Protest